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How much Hydrocodone can I take?

How much Hydrocodone can I take

Highlights of Hydrocodone:

  • The tablets of Hydrocodone are an oral prescription drug.
  • The generic form of the medication is also available in several brand forms.
  • Doctors prescribe for Hydrocodone drug to treat moderate and severe situations of pain.
  • The medicine is available in the form of oral tablets and solutions you may take depending on the prescription.

What is Hydrocodone? & how does it work?

Hydrocodone is a prescription drug useful in treating serious to moderate pain conditions. The medication is an opioid, meaning it will have a powerful effect on the human mind. Similarly, it’s been called a controlled substance due to its potential to cause abuse and misuse.

There can be other forms of the medication, but you must not take them without proper consultation. Likewise, the medicine is available as other brand forms you make take depending on the situation and other health factors.

The working of Hydrocodone drug occurs in the following order –

  • The tablet belongs to the narcotic or opioid group of drugs that are highly potent in the occurrence of pain.
  • It works by blocking the pain signals that further decrease your ability to feel the pain.
  • If you are using a combination form, the drug will affect you differently.
  • The person taking medicine will feel calm and relaxed after taking the drug.

How much Hydrocodone can I take?

The dose of the medicine will directly depend upon the patient’s health. Make sure you take confirmation from your doctor before purchasing the pills online. More so, you can read the prescription and then buy Hydrocodone online in the correct dosage amount.

For moderate to severe pain:

  • Adults – They can take 1 to 2 capsules of the oral dosage form every 5 to 6 hours. If your doctor prescribes a high dose, ensure you take it at the time mentioned. Do not exceed more than six capsules in a day.
  • Children – The dose is not recommended for children due to the restrictions of the FDA for its unsafe usage.

These are the general dosage information for the drug. However, you must confirm it with the doctor for the safe intake of the medicine. If you know the proper method of the drug intake, there won’t be any misuse of the medication.

Warnings of Drug intake!

  • Allergic Reaction – The medicine of Hydrocodone may result in severe allergic reactions that can result in potentially life-threatening issues. Some of the common symptoms of allergic reactions include – trouble breathing, swelling of the face, rashes, itchiness and vomiting.
  • The problem in the Adrenal gland – The use of Hydrocodone may also result in a problem with your adrenal gland. More so, it will enable your system to work properly. Symptoms may include – nausea, loss of appetite, tiredness, weakness, feeling lightheaded, and similar issues.

If such situations occur, you must stop taking medicine and inform your doctor right away. You need to understand that any delay in taking the right action will result in serious illness.

Types of Hydrocodone –

We know how popular the is Hydrocodone drug in treating pain issues. Similarly, many pharmaceutical manufacturers are producing the drug under different brand names. Most commonly, you’ll find the medicine in a combination form that usually consists of Acetaminophen in its formation.

Here are the commonly available brand forms of Hydrocodone medicine –

  • Vicodin – The drug usually comes in white tablet form in different proportions of the drug. Each tablet of Vicodin may consist of – 300mg of Acetaminophen added with different dosage levels of Hydrocodone: 5mg, 7.5mg, and 10mg.
  • Norco – The tablets come in a white and orange combination with an imprint on one side of the dose. In the formation, the added percentage of Acetaminophen is 325 mg with different variations of the former medicine.
  • Lortab – The drug comes in many different colours depending upon the strength of the dose. Each strength of the medicine comes with a different imprint that helps differentiate among the doses.

Though the medicine is useful, you must take it after following the guidelines, for it’s quite potent for human health. It is also believed that Hydrocodone in its pure form is more easily consumed for addiction and other misuses of the drug. Hence, it’s important that you take medicine after confirming with the doctor.

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