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What are Xanax Bars? A Complete Overview

What are Xanax Bars

The term “Xanax bars” is a popular word that denotes one particular form of Xanax drug that comes in a rectangular shape. The tablet is of high use, and you cannot use it without a proper prescription. Each pill of Xanax bar can be broken down into four small doses with the help of lines drawn on the drug. Likewise, the volume of the drug is 2mg per dose which is the highest among its other forms.

There can be some cases of Xanax bars addiction due to its high percentage of drug volume. Likewise, there can be many cases of abuse or hazardous side effects with Xanax pills. In order to use the medicine without developing issues, make sure you learn about its usage and other important information.

What is the use of Xanax bars?

The medication of Xanax belongs to the class of drugs known as Benzodiazepine. The on-label use of Xanax is to provide beneficial effects in the following treatments – anxiety disorder, panic attacks and depression. Similarly, there can also be other symptoms that may get treated with the help of Xanax bars.

Any person who wants to start with a dosage plan must have a doctor’s prescription for its usage. Medicine can sometimes be highly habit-forming due to its high efficiency in the human mind. Though the drug’s original medication serves as an anti-anxiety treatment, some people use it for illegal means. More so, making the drug affect differently and cause serious issues.

The treatment of Xanax bars is the same as other forms of medicine. However, you may not use the drug without knowing the proper instructions due to the high dosage content. Likewise, many people may suffer from issues that can be alarming for their health.

How many types of Xanax bars are there?

If a person is using Xanax bars for the first, it may not be easy for them to understand the difference in other forms. The intake of any Xanax bar will not have the same effect as they may not be likeable for the same symptoms. In simple words, there can be many forms of Xanax bars that may appear the same in shape, but they may slightly differ as well.

  • Green Xanax bars – They come in 2mg volume and rectangular shape. The unique imprint on the drug is S 90 3, which makes it easy to differentiate from other forms.
  • Yellow Xanax bars – Similar to all the other forms, the drug too comes in 2mg volume. The street name of the drug is famous as “school bus”. Also, the unique imprint of the drug is R 039.
  • White Xanax bars – The most common colour of medicine quickly sold in the US market. The drug’s street name is “stick” due to its shape and colour. Moreover, the medication comes with a unique imprint of GG247.
  • Blue Xanax bars – The most attractive-looking tablets among the other forms of Xanax are the blue ones. The medicine likely comes with a unique imprint of B707 that makes it different from other forms.

Those who know which medicine they want can easily purchase the correct dose without any issue. Also, if a person is unaware of its dosage, they should confirm it first and then make the purchase.

Dangers of Xanax Bars Addiction:

If a person is using Xanax bars for a long period of time, it’s easy for them to develop an addiction. Some people may suffer from emotional issues, while others may face physical problems as well. More so, the possibility of producing high risks is also at its peak with the regular dose of Xanax bars.

In simple words, any person who continuously takes Xanax medicine will indeed develop an addiction. Likewise, your life will be consumed entirely by the symptoms and aftereffects of the drug. Sometimes, the drug will lead to an emotional change in behaviour, such as – isolation, distancing from friends, lack of interest in social life and other problems.

Other problems of Xanax bars addiction include –

  • Unable to speak
  • The confused state of mind
  • High depression
  • Anxiety symptoms
  • Getting the drug through illegal means
  • Overdose symptoms

Though it might not be necessary to face such issues if you are using the medicine for the right reasons. However, taking precautions and learning about its side effects will make the person stay on the safer side of the drug intake.

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