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Privacy Policy

To start with a business and makes it clear to anybody seeking false alarm from the outcome it may gain, there are more chances of getting caught into the wrong intuitions. It is the need of the hour to keep everything in front so that there isn’t any confusion in the other’s mind.

We keep our customers’/viewers information and privacy intact within our source. However, it is necessary to inform you about the privacy policies of our company and on what grounds do we stand. It is a request to every viewer and customer to go through the website’s terms before moving any further and surfing through different pages.

Storage of Personal Information –

As you visit our website, the cookies of your browser are stored in order to understand your needs and requirement. It helps us have a pronounced understanding of your everyday searches. Then, as you move further, you will be asked to register on the site. Here we may collect some of your personal information like – email address, name, phone number, and other valuable data. It will help us to reach out to you as per the need.

Note that we do not collect anything from your end without taking your permission. Even if you enter your name, that too pops up with agree or not agree to format. Hence, you must be aware of the things that happen before your eyes. It will safeguard you from any potential third-party fraud that may occur to anybody.

Third-party sites and means of collecting data –

Everything that you see on the website is not accountable from our end. There is some third party that keeps on running their ad on our site for monetization. If you click on their link and some fault occurs, then we are not responsible for it.

The reasons for which we collect data from our viewers are as follows –

  • To send you an email and information about the products that you have purchased from the site.
  • To send you offers and discounts on varied items that are available on the site.
  • To help you with queries and other things related to the products and services.

When you visit our site, there are some things that we auto collect from your browser. It mainly consists of the IP address, browser information, URL and other relatable items. If you do not agree to the terms of the website, then you are free to leave the pages as per your count.